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The following is some useful information on our Raw Decadence range of spiced oils.

Natural Spice Oils / Oloeresins

Spice oil is a spice derivative that are extracted generally by steam distillation process. The spice oils distilled off from the spices at the initial stage before subject to solvent extraction These oils are the volatile components present in spices and provide the aroma and flavour of the spice they are made from.

Advantages of Spice Oils

Standardization: These oils ensure standardization in various products and hence are popularly used in pharmaceuticals, medicines and chemicals.

Consistency: These oils have a consistent concentration of the spice they are made and hence more reliable.

Use of Spice Oil

Food processing Beverages Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Aromatherapy Personal hygiene products: eg toothpastes, mouthwashes and aerosols

100% Pure Natural Spice Oils/ Oloeresins

English Name

Caraway Seed Oil

Chilli Oil

Coriander Oil

Ginger Oil

Botanical Name

Carum Carvi

Capsicum Annum L., Capsicum Frutescens L.

Coriandrum Sativum

Zingiber Officinale

Green Spice Extracts

The range of the green spice extracts are made from finest quality raw materials and processed through 100% natural means. We produce and export complete range of extracts that find worldwide application in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health food and medicinal industries.

Natural Oleoresins

Natural oleoresins are essentially the concentrated liquid form obtained from spices. This spice derivative has the same characteristics of the spice it is obtained from. Oleoresins are popularly used for food flavouring in the food processing industry.

Quantity to use

We strongly suggest that one experiments with these oils and add according to taste and application.

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