October 8, 2018

Why has Centered Secrets launched the Practitioner program

Why has Centered Secrets launched the Practitioner program

My concern that the chain store mindset has taken over the Health care industry.  I have been in the Natural Health industry for 5 years now, and have noticed the trend that when new products are launched, everyone takes the products to Independent stores and practitioners to test the market.  Once a product is proven, the professionals in their given field get left out.

For me that is a double edge sword that does not work, who looses out, both the practitioner and the patient.  Why do I say that, practitioners are highly skilled with extensive knowledge of natural healing, whilst when you walk into a chain store, the advice given by someone in the isle that has had little or no qualification?

What is the role of a Practitioner?

The world of natural medicine has evolved over the years to where people are starting to take a closer look at how well herbs can work.  However, the key aspect of natural medicine is always about observation.  This means that a patient must always be monitored and reviewed to ensure that the body is functioning properly.

Natural medicine works within the world of herbal treatments by using a series of tests and review of patients to ensure that they are healthy and safe.

Natural treatments have become more popular in recent time and today they are being used by clinical medicine practitioners in conjunction with other traditional procedures.  This is to ensure that a patient is able to respond properly to particular treatments and to see that the patient in question will not be at risk of any harm during a treatment process.

A natural medicine practitioner will have to observe the patient’s response over time to particular herbs. This is due to how every person will respond to such herbs in one’s own unique way.

There is a chance that some people may respond better to particular herbs that others. Still, the chance for some people to respond negatively to herbs is important for the practitioners to see.

Either way, a practitioner will have to study herbs to determine which options work right, who should avoid particular herbs and how much of a herb is needed before it can become possibly harmful to the patient. The reviews and checks that a practitioner in the field can handle will certainly make a difference.

One interesting thing that you might notice about natural medicine practitioners is that they often stand behind the use of pills to help you out.  They are not necessarily medications but rather supplements that feature the components of herbs that you can use in your daily life.

Such pills are often used to help you get the most out of certain herbs.  They are often pre-measured and prescribed to you as a good solution for your needs.

Here’s to you finding the products for your Health concerns.

In love, light and healing


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