September 5, 2018

Coming back to balance naturally

Centered Secrets is Coming back to balance naturally.

By being Centered means one has a reference point, or a place to come back to when life, illness, emotions and stress throw you off balance, thus creating a situation of unease and dis-ease which comes into play.

The problem today is, there are so many natural solutions which are confusing and expensive and who do you go to for what?

Centered Secrets is Based on Holistic Naturopathic principles, Mind, body and soul.

My mother has been my key inspiration, she taught me to always look for an alternative natural way of healing myself, all my life I have explored Naturopathic ways of solving any of my health concerns, and have always sought out top natural practitioners and I have overcome many health issues with great success.

The twist and turns of my career brought me to the Naturopathic industry. As a patient and during my consultations with the Health practitioners, it became known that some make up their own remedies, and I was asked for my advice on how to take their products to market.

Centered Secrets was born from this passion, I have created a unique business that is based on the principles of Wisdom and has a Huge Heart centre, which is sadly lacking in the world today.

Centered Secrets website is merely a Portal to access my business and my services, where we offer a lot of different services, our main focus is education and of course inspiration.

Our products go through a stringent screening process and I am happy to say South African homegrown, we supply a niche market focused on Independent outlets.

To make up our holistic basket the categories that we focus on are:

  • Herbal
  • Natural Skin care
  • Aromatherapy
  • Exotic spices
  • QEC – Quantum Energy Coaching
  • TRE – Trauma Release Exercises

Which makes Centered Secrets a unique holistic and somewhat an exciting innovative business.

Our objective is to assist the general public with health issues by referrals to our professional Health Practitioners in their areas.  The general public contacts us via our website – we in turn respond with contact details of their nearest HP who is in our data base.

Here is to finding your Centre,

With love and light,

Brenda Scott


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